53 Islands!


Welcome to 53 Islands!

My name is Hilary. I have always been a traveller and love the excitement of planning a new travel adventure and have seen a lot of the world over the years. I celebrated my 53rd birthday on 14th January 2017 by visiting the first of 53 islands that I intend to visit before my next birthday.  It is a personal challenge I have set myself just for fun and the joy of travel.

This blog aims to give you a little ‘taste’ of each of those islands. I have never written a blog before or taken photos on anything other than a phone but some of my friends were kind enough to say that they would be interested to read it and have encouraged me to do it and my Dad bought me a lovely new camera for my birthday so here it is!

The islands have been chosen either because I like them or because I have always wanted to visit them or because they look interesting and it is affordable to get to them. There is no definitive list as yet – it’s all a work in progress!

Thanks for joining me on my island adventure. Happy travels!

Hilary x